I’m excited to announce that a Brazilian Jazz musical project that I had shelved quite sometime ago is now being finished up and getting ready to be released for online listening.  The name “Cruzados” or Crusaders in English, was a Brazilian Jazz trio project I had started with my friends Justin Francoer and Michael Josef.
This project was conceived in a very natural and organic way. It consisted of three musicians meeting at my house and creating music with the our shared passion to play Brazilian Jazz.

Cruzados featured myself on keyboards, Justin on bass and guitar, and Michael on drums. It was soon that from our shared passion and love for the music we were able to come up with some very nice music. We then took our music public and played at a few venues in the Denver area and had a wonderful time sharing our music.

We have decided to now share these recordings. These recordings reflect a very special time in my life, and I am pleased with the way the arrangements turned out. I would like to express a very special thanks to Justin Francoer for his great ears and audio mixing abilities.  It is my hope my followers and fellow music lovers will feel the same way I do about these precious recordings.

Please check back soon as I will have music here on my site that can be heard as well as other links where the music can be purchased.

Much love to all!