Live Salsa El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

June 23, 2019 Denver, CO


Time : 9:00pm
Venue : El Gran Combo with Conjunto Colores
Address : 2430 S Havana St
State : CO
Contact Website :

Join Cristine Barbosa with Conjunto Colores for LIVE SASLA as they open for El Gran Combo playing the best in Salsa Dura! Que Viva La Musica . El Gran Combo is not only Salsa Dura at it’s finest, but they are a musical institurion. With hundreds of Salsa hits through the years.  Although the players may change, what doesn’t change is the incredible music. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, commonly known as El Gran Combo, is a Puerto Rican salsa orchestra based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, it is Puerto Rico’s most successful musical group, and is considered “the most popular Salsa group that has ever existed”. The group received the moniker La Universidad de la Salsa in Colombia, due to the sheer number of famous salsa musicians and singers who developed their careers with it, who started with the group, or who were occasionally backed up by the band.

Conjunto Colores is honored to open for this nationally respected salsa orchestra.  Conjunto Colores has been on the Colorado music scene since the early 80’s.  Under the direction of Francisco Mejias de Santurce, Puerto Rico, this band has more then 6 cd’s to their name.  Soon to be released in June, the Single “De Colorado Pal Mundo” featuring  lead vocalists, Jose “El Canario” Alberto, Cristine Barbosa, & Francisco Mejias. This is an original composition from the great salsa composer Lino Iglesias.  It features pulsing Rhythmns, Excellent Lead Vocals, and Salsa Dura that is sure to be an upcoming hit on the Salsa Radio Charts.